Frank van den Eeden

Director of Photography

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Best Cinematography - Patrick

Ensor Belgium Film Awards 2021

Nomination ASC Spotlight Award - Girl 

ASC Awards 2019

Best Cinematography - Girl

Ensor Belgium Film Awards 2019

Nomination Best Cinematography - Girl 

Magritte Belgium Film Awards 2019

Nomination Best Cinematography - Cobain 

Netherlands Film Festival 2018

Best Cinematography - Full Contact 

Netherlands Film Festival 2016

Best Cinematography - Full Contact

51st Chicago Int Film Festival 2015

Nomination Best Cinematography - Zurich

Netherlands Film Festival 2015

Laureate Flemish Culture Award for Film - 2014

Best Cinematography - The Verdict

Ensor Belgium Film Awards 2014

Nomination Best Cinematography - It's All So Quiet 

Netherlands Film Festival 2013

Best Cinematography - The Invader

Ensor Belgium Film Awards 2012

Nomination Best Cinematography - Swooni

Ensor Belgium Film Awards 2012

Best Cinematography - Tanghi Argentini

Byron Bay Int Film Festival Australia 2008

Oscar Nomination - Best Live Action Short Film

Tanghi Argentini 2008

Best Cinematography - Tanghi Argentini

Brussels Short Film Festival 2007

Golden Frog Nomination - Someone Else's Happiness

Best European Debuts - Camerimage 2006


'Girl’ is stunningly beautiful...gorgeous cinematography by Frank van den Eeden'

- Girl - Alex Billington - Firstshowing 2018 -

'Frank van den Eeden’s camerawork manages to capture the film’s many dance sequences with such divine intimacy...but there is also the slow, lingering tracking shot during the climax which calmly reflects the film’s most shocking, calculated moment of her despairing story.'

'Girl' is bound for international glory. World cinema at its absolute best.'

- Girl - Paul Heath - The Hollywood News 2018 -

'From its very first moments, the beautifully controlled and artful ‘Girl’ grips and takes hold.

‘Girl’ has the power to not just change lives but reinvigorate your belief in cinema'

- Girl - Jordan Ruimy - The Playlist 2018 -

'The final two episodes of this horror series captured in all its brutality the physical and mental hell of a real-life attempt to find the Northwest Passage'

- The Terror - Sam Wollaston - The Guardian 2018 -

'The writing, acting and cinematography are all terrific and the action has been relentless, especially in the last three episodes'

- The Terror - Michael Starr - NY Post 2018 -

'van den Eeden’s powerful imagery speaks to what great motion pictures strive for with expertly realized light, camera motion and framing '

- Full Contact - Chicago Int Film Festival Jury 2015 -

'een film van raadselachtige schoonheid, die zowel intellectueel als emotioneel prikkelt. Deze film getuigt van lef. De visuele stijl en de dramatische constructie geven blijk van een grote beheersing van cinema. Het geluid heeft een narratieve kracht, geen enkel beeld is vrijblijvend en de thematiek zit verborgen in elke bouwsteen van de film. Het is een zintuiglijke film die een hypnotische ervaring teweegbrengt'

- Full Contact - Directors Forum Jury - Netherlands Film Festival 2016 -

'Shot in Academy ratio with a sprinkling of improvised mobile phone footage throughout, Home suggests something freewheeling and impressionistic but the dramatic impact is precisely judged and expertly controlled'

-  Home - Allan Hunter - Screendaily 2016-

'Zurich looks exquisite, with van den Eeden employing a rich, oily palette of ochres, turquoises and multiple shades of storm cloud,

...Strikingly styled and structured'

- Zurich - Variety 2015 -

'a visually rich, emotionally charged, sense-scrambling character study… Stylishly shot, with extensive use of slow motion, blurred focus and poetic visual motifs, Zurich is a sensually seductive experience'

- Zurich - The Hollywood reporter 2015 -

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